“I almost think I can remember feeling a little different…But if I’m not the same, the next question is ‘Who in the world am I?”

Alice in Wonderland


This project is an interactive website called  “The Moment You Knew”.

There was a moment, and many moments that you knew you wanted something different.

You looked around you as a child and you wondered why everyone marched along to the drums that sounded so off-beat and out of tune to you, yet no one else seemed to notice.

Were you the odd-one-out?  This site is where the formerly ultra-religious and those brought up even generally religious can go and be taken through an online opportunity to write down their moments and share it with the websites visitors of likeminded people doing the same.  

The realization is that there is nothing ‘wrong with you’ like you may have been told by those around you. Or even you just thinking, ‘why can’t I toe the line they are drawing for me like everyone else?’ You are not alone. Many of us have been there. We all have stories to tell.

You heard a different drum and saw a different world than most around you. Tell us about it.

Writing your moments and reading about others frees you.

Here’s to freedom to be you.

themomentyouknew.com received a micro grant from Footsteps to put this site together for a community of like minded individuals. It is owned and operated by E.L.F.