There were VERY SPECIFIC MOMENTS where you as a child or young adult  saw and wanted different things, to go different places, to be different. These moment have validation. Not only valid, but so many of us had them, and still have them. You are not alone.

In this community there are so many diverse individuals with their unique stories. When we share our deepest and earliest ‘moments we knew’ of our childhoods and lives, we form an even more INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY and aha moments for ourselves, as well as respect ourselves and each other on a different level.

There is honesty, INTEGRITY, and so much SELF DETERMINATION required to share our truths with each other. Going back and looking at those ‘moments we knew” is the most honest we can get. The determination to NOT ignore it and to have chosen the lives we wanted regardless, is why we are here, a part of this amazing organization. From the inside and out.

This is a new level of SELF IMPROVEMENT. Looking back and patting ourselves on the back and taking pride in those ‘moments we knew’ reverses the

Negative feedback so many of us got that ‘we were wrong and wrong to be different or think differently.

This is a positive project, shedding light on individuality and how we all see things in our own way. It is not bad or good it just is.